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La Toya's Ancestral session is something we all need. Her process and intuit brings clarity to the "what" and "why", regarding our life experiences and family dynamics. Her approach is a core element that is overlooked by a lot of healing modalities. It makes sense that since we are a representation of all our ancestors that we would carry traces within our DNA, spiritual, astral and ethereal realms that represents repercussive actions that truly impact our lives. La Toya brings the concept of "Sankofa" full circle for our healing from the metaphysical realm into physical tangibles.

Nancy S.

"I can't say enough about LaToya's readings. She is able to go deep into my lineage and help me connect to my family. She was able to fill in some gaps and she help me have more compassion for family members that previously had a "bad reputation." Understanding who you are and where you come from is so important to me and her sessions have helped me gain clarity in that area. In my opinion, a session with La Toya is more valuable than those dna kits. She gives a voice to the past."

Erica J.

"Today I did an Ancestral Healing session. Words to describe how I feel right now is at an all time high. With the highest level of gratitude and thanks to Toya for holding that sacred space with me. I was able to feel the presence and know from which sides of my Ancestor whom came forth. I'm extremely honored to have learned so much about my great, great, great grandmother and who she is, her power, her gifts. I'm extremely emotional just writing this. Today was the breakthrough I have been longing for. After making this connection today with her I've been feeling her strong and powerful presence. Now that I know she exist inside me, I am her. this is a game changer. My life will never be the same. Greatness lives within Me. I will rise. Power. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" 

Zantina S.

"Highly recommend sis I did a session with her and she helped me a lot with my connection to my ancestors and healing/elevating my bloodline."


This came right on time for me. It was one of those things that I didn't know that I needed, but my team sure did. I am grateful that I was obedient to the nudge and booked a session. Thank you, Toya for the healing that occurred during my session as well as the ongoing work I am doing. 

Stephanie T.

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