What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

You’ve probably been seeing something about Lion’s Gate all over social media and the news.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of what it is and why or how it works. You all don’t come to me for lessons or talks in astrology, planetary alignment, and numerology and ultimately that is what is happening. A lot of very good things energetically and magically match up from July 26 - August 12 (my birthday) while the sun is in Leo (Lion) that makes this time frame (portal) a wonderful time for manifestation. August 8, 8-8, is considered to be the peak of this energetic portal.

What is important to remember here is that:

  • Energy follows intent. So set your intention to capitalize on the energy of the day and then follow through knowing that it is happening.

  • Everything is energy. So even though you may not know all the individual components and understand what it means when someone says the sun is in Leo, the star Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky), Orion’s Belt (the constellation), and the Earth are all in alignment. It doesn’t matter. From a logical standpoint you understand that each of those things have an energy and that energy is available to tap into.

Here are some things you can do today to capitalize on the energy:

  1. Stand outside under the sun, arms stretched overhead, eyes closed and think of something you would like to manifest. Call in (mentally or out-loud) the energy of the sun into every cell of your body. Think of the qualities of a Lion that you can use in your life and call that energy into you. Think of aspects of the Sun that you can relate to or need and call that into you. Try to stand out and absorb this energy for 8 minutes (but minimum of 3). I use my arms like a receiving antenna and then pour the energy into my body. But, you know, I am all about FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION. So what feels good…feels good, do that.

  2. Take a mason jar (or any other container you can cover or lay something on top of) and fill it with fresh water. Speak your intentions into the water. Let the water sit out in the sun today and absorb the energy. Use the water later to drink, bathe, clean your home, water your plants, or put in a spray bottle and use when needed. How you use the water will be based on the intention you set and what you spoke into the water. Water has memory. Be intentional.

  3. Write out things you would like to manifest. Remember to write statements as if the things that you desire have already appeared. For example, I have a new car as opposed to I want to someday have a new car. Sit with this list for at least 8 minutes, feeling how good it feels to have the things you have listed and seeing yourself do the things on your list. Make sure to feel all the joy of these manifested experiences. This is not the time to bring in doubt and fear. Stand fast in the actualized energy of your desire.

All of the things I have listed above can be done at anytime. During this time, though, energetically there is an extra cosmic boost. So take advantage of it (or don’t). 🙂

However you decide to spend your day, make it yours.