The Law of Gestation in Ancestral Work

"Patience is not the ability to wait, but to keep a good attitude while waiting."

Bob Proctor

The Law of Gestation is one of the Universal Principles that demonstrates the pattern of how things become manifest in our known universe. Gestation is the development of something over a period of time. Pregnancy is the most common way to understand gestation. There is an expected period of time where growth takes place within the womb before we can welcome the baby into the world. Going from conception to fully formed baby in a matter of days would be unexpected and quite dangerous for the womb-bearer. The gestation period is a necessary time for both parties to formulate the physicality and emotional capacity necessary to prepare for the next phase of life. The same can be said for the work that we do to connect, elevate and heal our Ancestors.

You may have been working with your Ancestors for some time, but instead of feeling healed, whole, and connected, you feel resistance, personal turbulence, or you notice unhealthy family patterns flaring up. I call this dissonance. When you start to disrupt vibrations in order to call in and shift to a higher vibration, there is a gap. Within that gap is chaos. Oftentimes, when people encounter this chaos-filled gap, it pushes the person back into the familiar vibrational energy that they originally intended to heal, and they never move forward.

In this situation, it’s so important to understand that the Law of Gestation is fast at work to bring about change in the safest and most effective way for all involved. All the seeds you have planted, all the prayers and offerings and rituals performed, have been honored. The period of dissonance causes vibrational clashes because you no longer vibrate with the old patterns. You literally shift and change. The energies, the ideas, the people that are no longer in vibration with where you are going are starting to fall away. This is a sign that you are about to be on the other side of the gap.

Universal Law says that there has to be a period of gestation for all things. Nothing happens instantaneously. My advice to those who find themselves in dissonance is to remain steadfast and consistent with the work you are doing. Keep affirming the end state that you want to experience and share this with your Ancestors. Your prayers, offerings, and healing sessions are creating incremental change that will fuel the birthing of this more elevated and healed vibrational state.