Speak to Yourself Akashically

So why do we think we can just talk to ourselves any old kind of way?

One of the foundational concepts that I teach about the Akashic Records is that the information is always delivered in the energy of Love and Compassion. If what is being received is coming with judgment or condemnation then that is an opportunity to become curious about whose voice is actually coming through. Whether it is Ego or the voice of someone who you associate with a past traumatic experience, any voice that strips you of your power or dignity is not a reliable voice in getting you to your most healed and elevated self.

On your path to self-empowerment, you have the opportunity to be your own ally as you allow the most aligned version of yourself to come forward. Your words have a very important role to play in rewiring your subconscious to accept a new view of yourself. When you speak words to yourself that bring shame, guilt and hopelessness, it can derail (or at the very least slow down) the good work that you are doing in repairing and healing on a spiritual, emotional, and mental level.

Sometimes we are not at a place to consistently speak Akashically (with love and compassion) to ourselves. That's ok. It's a journey and the important step is recognizing when we are not. That way we can ask ourselves "whose voice is running the show right now?"

I like to use sound resonance and affirmations to shift patterns I have identified within myself, but the ways are countless. What is most important is first being aware and then starting to make a shift.

Here are a few affirmations that you can use this month. Take what resonates for your spirit and leave what doesn't.

  • I love you. (I say this every morning while looking in the mirror. I say it until I feel the energy in my body)