Perspective Matters

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."


The perspective that you operate within impacts how you experience life. But many of us don’t realize the perspectives we hold come from stories that live in our subconscious. How we interpret early life experiences, traumatic events, and even moments of joy and pleasure create the stories that live in our subconscious. These stories then control how we operate and move through life.

If you are not aware of your story, you forfeit your ability to intentionally choose the perspective that most supports your personal growth and development.

To understand your current perspective on life: 1) Start by listening deeply to the stories that you tell yourself.

  • When you tell a story about an event in your life, are you ALWAYS the victim, the savior, the perpetrator? Do you often center yourself as the abused or the abuser?

2) Immerse yourself 360 degrees in the landscape of your story.

  • When you think about your story does it feel cluttered and weighed down? Are you detached from the story? Do you feel a sense of aimlessness? Are you still so emotionally attached, you feel the story as you are telling it?

3) Next, identify the most prevalent feelings and emotions of your story.

  • Are you tired, fearful, powerful, peaceful?

To begin to incorporate a new perspective on life:

1) Allow yourself to detach from the stories that no longer serve you. 2) Create the version of the story that feels good to you.

  • Can you find a few moments each day to paint/write/speak/visualize/think a different story?

3) Bask in the joy and happy feelings of this new story.

  • Can you add enough detail to your new story that you can experience a sensory feeling? Breathe that in. Smile. Enjoy it.

4) Create a practice that is authentic to who you naturally are. Enjoy the process of embracing a new Soul-aligned perspective that empowers you to win.

You are not your story. You are a Spiritual Being who has chosen this life to experience lessons that will allow your Soul to grow and elevate. You are empowered to change your story at your will.