Manifesting with Ancestors

There's an African proverb: When death finds you, may it find you alive.' Alive means living your own damned life, not the life that your parents wanted, or the life some cultural group or political party wanted, but the life that your own soul wants to live.

Micheal Meade

In October we welcome in the change of the seasons and use this time to go within, reflect, and prepare for this next season. Particularly for me, I find this a wonderful time to really start to incorporate change and healing into my ancestral lineage.

What ancestral elevation practices can you commit to this month?

Many people limit their interactions with Ancestors to elevating the names and memories of those who have transitioned or healing negative patterns that exist in the bloodline. But, did you know that you can work with your Ancestors in personal manifestation? Experiencing the life you imagine for yourself could be the very thing that moves your bloodline in bold new directions. But first you must clearly communicate your vision to get consistent alignment.

The general role of the Ancestors is to preserve the family lineage. This is important to understand because they come with their own ideas about what it takes to preserve their family, based on the experiences that they had during their lifetime. So, if you go to your ancestor who lived 7 generations ago and tell them you need support in manifesting large house to live , they may see your current residence as more than enough in comparison to what they lived in during their time on Earth.

Likewise, you may want to try something that no one in your family has done before. As a people who want to preserve their lineage, they may not be eager to support efforts to move to a different country or become an entrepreneur or practice new ways of self-expression because it introduces a level of risk that was dangerous to explore in their lifetime.

There may also be cultural norms that have been passed down through your bloodline that you intend to challenge. You may have a need in your life to speak to large crowds of people, while the norm of your bloodline is to play small and don’t draw attention to yourself. Asking for support in amplifying your voice could elicit some concern from those Ancestors who have learned to keep their family line going by staying silent.