Incorporating Crystals into Manifestation Work

"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation." -Nikola Tesla

How exactly can crystals assist you in achieving a vibrational harmony with your goals?

Everything in this universe is a carrier of energy. The human energy field can be impacted by a number of things. Your lifestyle, thinking patterns, eating habits, and environment can all contribute to either adding high or low vibration frequency to your energy. For this reason, it is really beneficial to understand how we can incorporate different tools to help us stabilize or shift our vibrations to be in alignment with what we want. (Insert shameless plug for the Aligned Manifestation Conference) Crystals are an easy and incredibly effective way to align your energy and have them assist you with manifesting your goals.

Crystals are made up of organized, perfectly repeating geometric patterns and harness the power of the planets and oceans. They are formed under high temperature and pressure, and their crystallization can take thousands to millions of years. When in contact, they interact with the body's energy field, opening blockages and creating balance and alignment. So essentially, you are taking one energetic source (the crystal) and using it to impact your energetic source. By selecting specific crytsals you are identifying the "vibration" that the crystal would normally emit and asking it to work in harmony with you.

A few tips to incorporate crystals: 1) Identify a crystal that you would like to use.

  • Although in this day and age the easy way to do research is on Google, I do believe that a crystal will tell you how it wants to work with you. But, as a starting point, any crystal shop (or Google) will have some general characteristics for the crystal. I also find the author Judy Hall to be an excellent reference on crystals.

2) Clean your crystals and set your Intention.

  • There are so many ways to clean crystals depending on the type of crystal, but one that can work for all crystals is smoke. After you've cleared the old energy of the crystal (smoke, moon light, salt, selenite, cool water, etc...) be clear about the things you are focusing on and set your intention for the crystal. (Because why? Energy follows intent) 🙂

3) Incorporate your crystal into your day.