Honor Your Ancestors

Are you someone who wants to connect with Ancestors, but is not sure how? You may have seen some people with elaborate altars filled with candles, images and ritual instruments, all in the name of honoring their Ancestors. If you are in spiritual circles, you may have heard opinions of what you “must do” for your Ancestors, or what you absolutely “must not do” in order to start or maintain your relationship with them. To be honest, it can be intimidating and cause confusion.

I have created the Honor Your Ancestors Challenge to remove the mysterious rules from Ancestral connection. The truth is, everyone’s Ancestors are different, and there is room to express these differences in many different, valid ways. With the intention to elevate your lineage, you can learn exactly what is meaningful for your loved ones, and give time, energy, and focus in a way that creates deep connection. And it doesn’t have to take long or be expensive. You can do exactly what works for you!

If you want to move from not knowing exactly what to do to have a personal connection with your Ancestors, to moving in inspired and connected ways to get the maximum benefit from Ancestral connection, then you should join the FREE My Ancestors' Keeper: Honor Your Ancestors Challenge November 7th - 11th, 2022.

During this challenge you will be in community with others and receive daily facilitation from me to encourage this connection and personal expression of your unique lineage.

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