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45 min  /   $175

Intuitive Reading Session

Birth chart Reading

Intuitive Mediumship

A Medium is a mediator between the spirit realm and the living. Mediums can affectively contact relatives, friends, spirit guides, and other etheric energies.

As a claircognizant I combine my gift of knowing with my ability to access other spiritual realms to provide a personalized mediumship session for each client.

In this session I connect with your spirit team and guides to find out what information is most important for you to move forward in your life in that moment. As a skilled Intuitive, Medium, and Diviner, this session adjusts to what is most beneficial for the client in that moment and is intuitively led. Sometimes a session can employ different modalities and is very individualized. The end goal is always providing the client with information that is most necessary and beneficial in that moment to assist with decision making, healing, or knowledge acquisition.

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