Soul Wisdom Akashic Apprenticeship




1 Year


About the Course

Embark upon one year of deep dive study in the Akashic Records. This program is a blend of 1-on-1, small group, and independent work. You can go as far or as short as you'd like, as fast or as slow that works for you.

Each of the topics I am listing below are full classes in and of themselves and can either be used as stand alone offerings or current offerings.

In addition the definite classes, there will also be shorter topics that come up throughout the year.

While in the Apprenticeship, you are also able to attend any classes/workshops/attunements/activations on the Akashic Records that I may offer.


  • Learn how to give a complete Soul Profile Reading

  • Soul Level Manifestation Principles and Manifestation Profile Readings

  • Relationship Readings (romantic and non-romantic)

  • Identifying and Clearing Different Entities

  • Property Clearings

  • Activating Past Life Councils

  • Clearing and Healing with Scripts

  • Healing in the Records (Creating Healing Chambers, Using Crystalline Energy, Past Life Rewrites)

  • Reading Vital Force Energy (Increasing, Creating Vortexes)

  • Heart Space Activation and Client Participation Modalities

  • Business practices and Tips

Your Instructor

Dr. La Toya Davis