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60 mins       / $233​​

Ancestral Reading and Healing

Birth chart Reading

Ancestral Readings and Healing

We do not walk alone for our ancestors are always with us. You are but the latest manifestation of a long line of prayers, choices, and patterns that have come before you. Tapping into our ancestral wisdom can aide you in living life most abundantly. The Sankofa Adinkra symbol reminds us to "go back and get it." It is believed that retrieving and studying information from the past, helps us to better prepare for today.

This ancestral session allows you to address a particular pattern that has been carried throughout the bloodline and begin to bring healing to the lineage. Just as we inherit the genetic makeup of our ancestry, we also inherit their traits and habits. In this interactive session, we explore the reasons a particular pattern developed within your family and offer healing to the pattern generator so that everyone else may heal as well. In each session, you receive messages from your ancestors and the Root Story of the pattern.

*This session is conducted via video conferencing and requires you to be in a comfortable and relaxed environment.