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Dr. La Toya Davis, Ph.D., is a Healer, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Intuitive. Over 20 years of practice in African Traditional Religions and earth-and-energy-based healing, La Toya has developed a healing system that incorporates Universal energy, plant and crystal based medicines, and spiritual downloads to offer spiritual rebalancing and guidance. A skilled and proven vessel for spirit, La Toya offers an array of services to help identify where healing is needed and assist the client with receiving emotional and energetic healing and clearing.

As the owner of CHI Healing Institute,     La Toya facilitates an array of group and personal healing rituals, ancestral lineage healing work, Reiki sessions, Soul ReAlignment work through the Akashic Records, Akashic Record readings, and spiritual empowerment workshops.


"I can't say enough about LaToya's readings. She is able to go deep into my lineage and help me connect to my family. She was able to fill in some gaps and she help me have more compassion for family members that previously had a "bad reputation." Understanding who you are and where you come from is so important to me and her sessions have helped me gain clarity in that area. In my opinion, a session with La Toya is more valuable than those dna kits. She gives a voice to the past."


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Disclaimer: Any information, communications offered are intended for educational and information purposes only. You must be 18 years or older. Akashic Record, Ancestral, or Intuitive Reading sessions do not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice. Always consult with your doctor or other qualified professionals. By purchasing a session you claim full responsibility for the choices, decisions, and/or actions taken, based upon the communication brought forth. The Practitioner will not be liable and/or responsible for any action and/or decision chosen by the client.