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I'm Dr. La Toya and I specialize in Energy Healing, Spiritual Evolution, and Karmic Resolution through the use of the Akashic Records and Ancestral connection. I teach spiritual women like you to release fear, guilt, and self-doubt, so you can trust your intuition and connect with your personal power to create a self-empowered life full of abundance, joy, and ease!

You are Ready to Live a Purposeful Life of Alignment! 

A Bit About What I Do

There are many things that I could share right now, but probably the most important is my desire to help women stand fully in their power and show up as their authentic self in all areas of their life.


I’m a Teacher/Mentor, Energy Healer, Intuitive, and Self-Empowerment Coach. I use the Akashic Records and guidance from the Ancestors and my Spirit team to help women trust their intuition, dismantle childhood and societal conditioning, and unravel past-life and karmic patterns.

I have helped hundreds of women identify and transform energetic, emotional, and mental blocks to set them on the path of living a life true to their Soul's calling.


I love teaching others to be able to tap into their own personal power and do the same as they incorporate my modalities into work with their clients.

I have spent the last 20 years studying herbalism, crystals, and energy. I am an Akashic Records Master, Reiki Master, Spiritual Intuitive, and Priestess. 

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Learn to live a Soul-led Life!


Online Learning

Learn at your own pace while still receiving my support. Courses include Ancestral Healing, Akashic Records, and Spiritual Development.



Group and Apprenticeship

Deep dive into my modalities for greater transformation in your own life or incorporate these services in your work with clients.

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Live Healing and Speaking

Attend in-person healing and empowerment sessions or book me to set up one in your city.



Tools and Resources

Get access to articles, audios, and tools to purchase to help you stay engaged and focused on your journey.

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A bit about CHI Healing Institute.

CHI Healing Institute is a judgment free environment where awakening and connecting to the Divine aspect present within each of us is the core of all of our work. At CHI Healing Institute we encourage spiritual based self-empowerment that centers the Soul as the ultimate decision-making authority. Services include classes and coaching to help individuals at various stages of their spiritual journey connect, heal, grow, and elevate so that they may experience fully aligned abundance, joy, and prosperity in this lifetime.

A bit about my WHY.

I would get so many clients who were in bad situations because they trusted someone else to give their life direction. I've had countless clients who've been taken advantage of and as a result lost money, time, and trust (and those were the mild cases). What I realized was, that most times people were just scared to do what their “gut” was telling them to do. In the end, most people realized that the initial questions they had or areas they came to seek guidance in, truly in their heart of hearts, they already knew the answer. Their Soul had been speaking to them and providing guidance. They just didn’t trust it.

What started out for me as just wanting to teach women how to hear and trust their inner voice has turned into a whole movement. It's about empowering women to become their own best authority. I want my clients to really know, trust, and believe that their Soul is in constant communication with them, pushing them to be the fullest and best version of them. I empower women to lead a Soul-led life creating greater joy, ease, and abundance.

I know how much easier life becomes when we give our Soul’s voice permission to lead.

We have been conditioned to not trust the divine within us and to go against our own internal voices. We quiet the Soul's voice and amplify the voices of society that derail us from our true path. I am on a mission to teach women to live a life based on their soul's guidance and to honor their own urging to create a life of joy, ease, and abundance.

Dr. La Toya


I just completed a beginners course in Akashic Record Reading with CHI Healing Institute! It was Phenomenal! The information I learned was life-changing!

Dr. Davis is so professional, thoughtful, patient & knowledgeable. She took the time to explain everything in great detail. This Course was very well structured and geared toward your optimal success. I look forward to taking the advance class very soon! Kudos on a job well done!

Charlene B.

My friends booked an Akashic Records reading for me, and it answered so many questions that I’ve had as well as opened up my spirit to dive deeper into who I am. Not only were past lives brought up, but the purposes behind those lives and the karma brought into this one from them floored me! Dr. Latoya is veryyyyy thorough and informative in her readings and let me ask questions which I truly appreciated.

Bri Lite Williams

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